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Rigorous Safety and Health Standards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a department of the United States Department of Labor, regulates medical and dental practices to ensure that they are sanitary and safe.  Dr. McDonough and team have implemented extremely rigorous standards for its dental environment so that our staff and patients are not exposed to any unnecessary health risks. Our dental office will meet or exceed your expectations for cleanliness because we believe in any dental practice, safety comes first.

Purified Water

waterFor a safe and clean dental practice, it is vital to use purified and distilled water during the patient's dental treatment. Our practice uses purified water and high sanitation standards to provide you with the healthiest possible environment.

Quality Labs

Dr. McDonough works with dental laboratories equipped with the latest in dental technology. We only use labs in the United States.  We have the labs use the highest-quality materials to maximize esthetics and so your dental work gives you many years of comfort and oral health.

Digital X-rays

xraysDr. McDonough considers preventative family dentistry a top priority. Digital x-rays can help dentists diagnose and treat dental issues before they grow into serious problems. These x-rays show up instantly on a computer screen and have several advantages over traditional film x-rays. Patients experience a 60-70% reduction in exposure of radiation than that of traditional x-rays, the process is quicker, and x-rays may be easily sent to oral maxilla facial surgeons or other specialists outside our practice.  Digital x-rays also have less impact on the environment, because there are no harsh chemicals to dispose of for processing. Digital technology also allows us to magnify the x-rays for a detailed examination.

Intraoral Camera

It is now possible to see every area of your mouth in great detail with the aid of an intra-oral camera. The camera is the size of a pen can be used to demonstrate the need for treatment, even for early problems that are difficult to see. As Dr. McDonough moves the camera inside your mouth, you will be able to see the magnified video footage displayed on a monitor. Helping our patients understand their dental treatment is very important to us, and intraoral camera technology makes it easier than ever to see your dental work from the dentist's point of view.

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